Kayak and Canoe

Canoeing was born in North America and as a sport it has always attracted many fans of nature and a sense of adventure.

Today the term canoe means the Canadian one, which descends from the tapered open boats used by the Iroquois Indians, along the great rivers, lakes and rapids of North America. The canoe should not be confused with the kayak, the latter in fact is an evolution of the Eskimo boats, whose term derives from the same Eskimo word that defines the boat used in the Arctic seas, both for travel and for hunting.

Canoeing is not an extreme or dangerous sport, as many believe. Who makes canoeing directs his vehicle slowly on the water, having all the time to pause to admire the surrounding landscape.

The kayak, on the other hand, is for those who love more adrenaline-fueled adventures, due to its structural shape, its speed and handling it can be used on much faster and more demanding routes, such as rapids and tumultuous rivers.

As all canoe enthusiasts know, dedicating yourself to these sports means spending hours in close contact with nature, immersed in the magic of the environments where water and vegetation come together, creating truly spectacular panoramas.

At any age, spending time on board a kayak or a canoe is a regenerating experience, which allows you to release stress and tension, experiencing that deep sense of serenity that can only be transmitted from pristine environments, where often it can only be accessed thanks to these boats.

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