"Climbing means moving in the open space, being free to dare something outside the rules, experiment, reach a deeper knowledge of human nature. From this process it is clear that for each question there is always more than one answer, more than one story in relation to an experience." So, Reinhold Messner, one of the greatest mountaineers ever describes climbing.

From a technical and practical point of view there are numerous differences between the two disciplines, to summarize them synthetically we could say that for mountaineering we intend to climb a mountain, usually on the top, through the obstacles that this entails, rock, snow, ice. By climbing we mean the ascent on rock which takes place on small walls, usually at the bottom of the valley, which do not necessarily lead to a summit.

Sport climbing proves to be a sport within everyone's reach, from children to adults in old age. In the case of the former, it helps to refine the basic motor patterns, coordination and improve balance; for adults it is a complete physical activity, as well as fun, capable of giving great satisfaction at all the various levels of difficulty.

Extremely healthy sport for those who practice it, able to bring benefits to the whole body and also to help manage very common psychophysical problems related to anxiety and stress. Mountaineering, on the other hand, is a more complex activity, certainly a more extreme and intense experience, which requires physical preparation and more specific tools, however in this activity it is also possible to work alongside expert guides, to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience. Both of these activities are united, in addition to the act of climbing, the enormous love for nature, unspoiled greenery and the mountains. A unique environment, which with its many facets is capable of giving us equally unique suggestions. Emilio Comici writes: “On the mountain we feel the joy of living, the emotion of feeling good and the relief of forgetting earthly miseries. All this because we are closer to heaven ".

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