Parachuting a unique experience to try at least once in a lifetime

Whether from a plane or a helicopter, parachute jumping remains one of the most adrenaline-pumping and thrilling experiences in the life of a human being. Let yourself fall into the void, open your eyes and find yourself looking down.

08/04/2022 | 08:45

Parachuting: a unique experience to try at least once in a lifetime

Whether from a plane or a helicopter, parachute jumping remains one of the most adrenaline-pumping and thrilling experiences in the life of a human being. Let yourself fall into the void, open your eyes and find yourself looking down. Breathe the crisp high altitude air, let yourself be carried away by the wind and enjoy the spectacle of the Earth seen from above. All of these emotions are unmatched and cannot be experienced with other experiences. Let's find out what parachuting is and what it consists of.

What is skydiving?

Parachuting is a sporting activity that requires one or more individuals to make a jump into the void from a helicopter, an airplane or any air-mobile vehicle, and then land safely thanks to the opening of the parachute.

In sport parachuting, the jump takes place at an average height between 1000 and 4500 meters, in the case of solo jump, in tandem instead the altitude is slightly higher, about 1500 meters.

Tandem skydiving requires the use of a specific harness capable of supporting two people at the same time, in order to allow the instructor to jump with the beginner.

Since this is a variant created to let those who do not have specific training experience the thrill of the launch, the flight is stabilized by a small parachute, called drogue , which will then be used to open the main one.

This type of launch allows you to fly for about sixty seconds at 50 m/s, about 180 km/h, until the instructor opens the parachute at the expected altitude of 1500 meters. It goes without saying that the tandem parachute is much larger than a normal one, the size between 360 and 400 square feet, allows it to hold two people.

What are the variants of sports parachuting?

There are many variants of sport skydiving in addition to tandem jump, let's describe some of them :

1. The "style". The first true sport of modern parachuting. It consists of an individual launch, from 2200 meters of altitude which guarantees a free fall of about 30 seconds. In this period of time the “styler” performs an acrobatic sequence consisting of six evolutions to be performed in the shortest possible time which are obviously filmed from a video station and then judged by a jury.

2. The "landing precision" is an individual throwing discipline born in conjunction with the style. In this case, the launches take place from about 1000 meters, with the aim of hitting with the heel, during the landing phase, a target consisting of a 2 cm red disc.

3. The "mixed", or the combination of the two previous disciplines.

4. The “paraski”, born from the need to develop mountain rescue and consisting in the combination of a giant slalom ski race with a precision landing competition in the mountains, on the flat and on a slope.

5. The "formations in free fall". The teams are made up of two or more paratroopers who have the task of forming as many figures as possible during the free fall, following the criteria of speed, precision or style depending on the competition categories.

6. The "canopy relative work". The teams are made up of two or more parachutists who undertake to form formations with an open parachute, with hand and foot grips on the canopy and on the risers. This variant is highly spectacular for its visibility from the ground, even if it is dangerous due to the possibility of collisions.

7. The "freestyle". In this discipline the paratroopers, during the free fall, perform in free body figures that simulate dance exercises or artistic gymnastics.

8. The "skysurf", which consists in facing the free fall with a reduced version of the snowboard.

9. The "speed skydiving" or, the extreme practice of speed parachuting, where the athlete places himself in an aerodynamic position to reach the maximum possible speed within 1,700 meters of altitude, after which the deceleration phase begins and then proceeds to open the parachute . In this case the launch takes place from an altitude of 4000 meters.

Why jump with a parachute?

One of the main reasons why many people approach the world of skydiving for the first time is the desire to overcome their fears. There is no better way to deal with your nightmares than to experience them firsthand and face them head on. Skydiving gives a unique feeling of invincibility and a sense of freedom that only those who have tried can describe.

Think of not being alone, the first jumps will always take place in the company of an ENAC certified parachuting instructor, who in addition to having been subjected to intense training, has already made hundreds of jumps, which should be very reassuring for you.

You have to learn to trust, you are literally falling from a flying plane, entrusting your life to a complete stranger. I know, it might sound crazy, but that stranger is a qualified person who knows what he is doing.

The advantages of being able to try such an experience are many. First of all, you can tell your friends about this experience, challenging them to try it. Furthermore, you will be regarded by them as an extremely courageous person, who is not afraid to get involved. Again, you can say that you have seen the world from above, that you have breathed a different air, you can tell what it feels like while falling into the void from 4000 meters high.

And do you have the courage to launch yourself?

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