Dolomites Experience - Trekking on the Zoldano Ring (7 days)

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Val di Zoldo, Longarone, BL, Italia

organized by Sportourist
Walk the Zoldano Ring with us and discover the thrill of a real high altitude trekking. A week without ever going down to the valley, immersed in the beauty and solitude of the most beautiful mountains in the world

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    Val di Zoldo
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    Val di Zoldo, Longarone, BL, Italia
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    Forno di Zoldo, BL, Italia
organized by: Sportourist
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sport: Trekking and Hiking
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Departures 23/07/2023 and 27/08/2023 (groups of 6 participants)

Ready for an adventure? Set off to discover one of the most beautiful valleys in the Dolomites, walk in company through woods and breathtaking views, let yourself be pampered by the warmth of a mountain refuge. These are just some of the experiences you will have on this trek. 6 days on foot to discover a unique valley, far from mass tourism, which will give those who travel through it landscapes of unique beauty, and unforgettable adventures. We will see some of the most famous mountains of the Dolomites, unforgettable sunsets from privileged points, endless starry sky, small mountain flowers, and with a little luck some deer or marmot. We will discover the history of this valley and the Dolomites, we will try to imagine what it was like to live here centuries ago, at the time of the Romans or during the mining boom in the 19th century or during the wars. And how do you live up here today? Discover the thrill of a real high altitude trekking, without ever going down to the valley, immersed in the beauty and solitude of the most beautiful mountains in the world.


DAY 1: hotel accommodation and pre-departure meeting
In the afternoon we will arrive in Val di Zoldo and check-in at the hotel just a few minutes by car from the starting point of the trek. In the evening we will meet the guide for a pre-departure briefing and backpacks check. On this occasion we will also have the opportunity to meet the rest of the group.

DAY 2: the Spiz
We will leave from the village of Forno di Zoldo, to go into dense woods. The path first takes us flat to a casera, where the view opens onto the valley, then becomes steep and climbs behind the Spiz up to the Belvedere fork. From here you can admire the whole valley, the imposing Civetta and the majestic Pelmo, and you can see the whole path that awaits us in the next few days ... A little descent and we will be welcomed at the beautiful Sora el Sass refuge, small and welcoming, where you can taste the typical dishes of the valley.
Difference in altitude: 1150 m uphill
Walking time: 5.30 hours

DAY 3: San Sebastiano
The day starts downhill to Val Pramper. After a relaxing stretch on a dirt track, a steep path leads us to a hill with a wonderful view of the Spiz and the refuge of the previous night. Below us the valley with its villages, some abandoned in recent years, tell us the story of the mountain people. The path continues through enchanted woods and then pines surmounted by steep scree, bypassing the San Sebastiano, up to the Duran pass, where we can enjoy a well-deserved rest. Difference in altitude: 750 m uphill
Walking time: 6/7 hours

DAY 4: Mount Civetta
On the third day we have warmed up our muscles and got used to walking: we are ready for the most demanding but also the most beautiful stage of the itinerary. The path will take us around the Civetta, walking among rocks and scree. The landscape is spectacular, you can see the whole valley, the Pelmo and the Antelao, above us the steep rocky walls, and between our feet the small high mountain flowers. The stage will end at the Coldai refuge, but it will be necessary to continue a few more minutes to reach and admire the beautiful alpine lake, on which the vertiginous north face of the Civetta is reflected.
Difference in altitude: 1000 m uphill
Walking time: 7 hours

DAY 5: the Pelmo
On the fourth day we deserved a more relaxing stop. Leaving the Coldai we will go down to the Staulanza pass, where we will take a path that with gentle ups and downs will make us go around the Pelmo. The situation is reversed compared to the day before: if yesterday we were under the Civetta and we were looking at the Pelmo, today we are under the Pelmo and we are looking at the Civetta! We will take a short detour to climb the scree to the base of the rock, where a large stone has detached itself from the mountain, revealing hundreds of dinosaur footprints! How did the dinosaurs arrive on the Pelmo? We will finish the stage at the Venezia refuge, in a privileged position to admire all the peaks not only of Zoldo but also of the Ampezzo valley: Antelao, Sorapiss, Cristallo watch over Cortina, lying at our feet. Here too we will be spoiled by a tasty dinner, discover some local legends and admire the stars, as only the mountain sky can reveal.
Difference in altitude: 470 m uphill
Walking time: 5 hours

DAY 6: the Rite
Even today the day begins downhill, through woods and flowery meadows. We will arrive at the top of Mount Rite, from which an incredible view of the surrounding mountains opens up. Also up here is one of the famous Messner museums, the cloud museum, dedicated to high altitude mountaineering. From here we will go down to the Cibiana pass for the last evening with friends.
Difference in altitude: 500 uphill and 900 downhill
Walking time: 5 hours

DAY 7: Bosconero
It starts with a somewhat steep climb, but now it is the last of the journey! Once you reach a beautiful panoramic saddle, the long descent towards the valley floor begins. We will pass by the beautiful Bosconero refuge, and then continue in the middle of the woods, rapidly descending in altitude, until we come out on the state road, and then soon return to the starting point. But it's not time to say goodbye yet! A well-deserved lunch awaits us in one of the most typical places in the valley, where we can recover the fatigue of the journey with Zoldo delicacies: pastin, muset, capùs and formai frit!
Difference in altitude: 500 uphill and 1200 downhill
Walking time: 5 hours

This itinerary allows you to discover not only the Val Zoldana, its landscapes and its history; a journey on foot is always also a journey within ourselves. This trip is for you if you are enthusiastic, curious, lover and respectful of the mountains, ready to work hard to get a nice view and a sandwich as a reward.
It takes some adaptability to live spartanly. The shelters are welcoming but never luxurious, you sleep in dormitories, you have to wait your turn for showers and .... often dinner is served at 6.30pm! On the other hand, you will find a welcoming and stimulating environment, where you can meet other hikers and mountaineers, where you can rest from a tiring day and enjoy chat and laughter.
This itinerary is a circular route and, even if it seems useless to say it, the stages must be respected! This means that even if it rains it continues. Bad weather can be dangerous in the mountains, so follow your guide's directions if they say speed up or leave early in the morning to avoid thunderstorms, or if you decide to change your itinerary.
Leave trained! The stages are challenging but not extreme, before leaving, evaluate your physical condition. Leaving without a minimum of training would make this adventure a useless suffering. If you suffer from vertigo this may not be the trip for you. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us to find out if this adventure is suitable for you.


- challenging routes and not suitable for untrained people
- not suitable for those suffering from vertigo
- age not less than 15 years

What To Bring

Everything you carry with you will weigh on your shoulders, so it is important to carefully evaluate what is essential and what can remain in the car. For this trek a 35-45 liter backpack is ideal, and should not weigh more than 8 kg, to which water and packed lunches will then be added daily.

Shoes: they will be our main companion on the way. They must be comfortable and above all well run-in (do not come with new shoes!), Better if they are high to protect the ankles and with a well marked sole. Trekking poles are also highly recommended, as they help you do less effort uphill and lighten your knees downhill. Also important is the choice of socks, high and without seams. Finally, better have a supply of blister patches!

Clothing: in the mountains at the end of August it can be very hot but also very cold! Better to have a fleece or a light down jacket in your backpack. Long pants are always preferable, because they protect the legs from the sun, scratches, nettles and insects. Don't forget sun cream, hat and wool hat! Tip: Better to just have a couple of T-shirts and a bar of Marseille soap!

Anti-rain line: unfortunately the good weather cannot be booked! Even if the forecasts are good, summer storms are always around the corner in the mountains, so prepare your “shell” carefully. Basically, a good k-way and a backpack cover are enough, to which you can possibly add waterproof trousers. A good poncho is also a perfect solution.

For the night: the sleeping bag is mandatory in the shelters. For those who do not want to buy it, it can be rented, however with the cost of two rentals we have already paid for it! Pajamas are unnecessary weight, a clean shirt and a pair of leggings are enough. With regard to personal hygiene, I can only recommend that you be careful of your weight: prefer a solid and biodegradable shampoo to the traditional one, and a micro fiber towel to a cotton one. Finally, a frontal flashlight is useful for any star hunts.

Electronics: if the refuge has 30 beds, it does not necessarily have 30 power sockets. If you need to recharge your mobile phone every night, it is better to have a power bank. Another useful thing can be a socket with multiple USB outputs, so as to recharge multiple devices at the same time.

Other: notebook to collect stamps and souvenirs, camera, documents and cash (in shelters they don't always accept ATMs), water bottles or camel bags (1.5 liters minimum), bars and dried fruit.

Finally, put in your backpack a great desire to discover, to know, to learn. A bag of enthusiasm, a glass of adaptation and a pinch of madness!

Included In The Price

1 night in a hotel in a double room with b & b accommodation
5 nights in a refuge with half-board
Environmental Hiking Guide
Insurance (RC, Accident, Healthcare)

Excluded From The Price

Dinner on the first day of arrival at the hotel
Traveler fees
Water and drinks in the shelters
Packed lunches (can be purchased in refuges, around €8)
End of excursion lunch at a typical restaurant (optional €25)
"Messner" museum ticket (optional)
Anything not specified in "included in the price"


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The activities proposed under the Sportourist brand are the result of the direct collaboration between our company as a Tour Operator and local realities. Our staff selects only the best partners in the sector of accommodation, transport and professional guides. Our goal is to offer you a high quality service to give you unique and unforgettable experiences.

The activities proposed under the Sportourist brand are the result of the direct collaboration between our company as a Tour Operator and local realities. Our staff selects only the best partners in the sector of accommodation, transport and professional guides. Our goal is to offer you a high quality service to give you unique and unforgettable experiences.



Grazie ad Elisa Cortelazzo (la nostra guida), che aveva preparato il trekking in modo esemplare, è stata una settimana indimenticabile. Ci ha accompagnato lungo l'Anello Zoldano con professionalità, trasmettendoci la passione che ha per il suo lavoro e tutto l'amore che ha per le montagne, contribuendo a creare nel gruppo il clima necessario. Perfetta tutta la gestione, dalla prenotazione al pagamento. Le informazioni ricevute (materiale da preparare, luoghi, orari, ecc) erano tutte perfette. Nessun intoppo, nessun fraintendimento nelle strutture. Voto 10 a Sportourist e voto 10 alla guida.

reviewed at 29/08/2022

una esperienza da vivere!

Di questa esperienza ho assaporato con piacere TUTTO:

  • la bellezza dei paesaggi, sia durante le giornate assolate che in quella di grigiore e pioggia - per non parlare delle notti stellate,
  • i silenzi dei sentieri solitari, resi un po' rumorosi dalle chiacchiere e risate del gruppo,
  • le nozioni tecniche, i consigli e i racconti della guida, che se pur con giovane età possiede un bel bagaglio d'esperienza e tanta passione verso la montagna da trasmetterla a pelle,
  • le notti nei rifugi e i relativi "comfort", che hanno messo alla prova lo spirito di adattamento e avventura di tutto il gruppo,
  • la semplicità e la lontananza da tecnologia e "civiltà", che mi hanno permesso di tornare in contatto con me, 
  • la fatica e il -limitato- dolore dello sforzo fisico consecutivo dei primi giorni, trasformatosi in soddisfazione appena il corpo ha cominciato a macinare chilometri.

Assolutamente BELLO.



reviewed at 31/08/2022
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