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Sportourist is a project aimed at promoting, spreading and supporting outdoor sports tourism, making use of professionals present in the area.

The aim is to give the "sports tourist" the opportunity to visit a certain area, to get in direct contact with guides specialized in particular outdoor sports activities. Sportourist operates a careful selection of the best guides in the area to ensure maximum professionalism and competence. Currently, the main disciplines that can be practiced outdoors are present on the portal, and new ones are always added.

Our team is made up of several professional figures whose specializations are in Tourism Sciences, Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Management of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Economic-Business Sciences, ICT Specialist and Developer ... to offer the maximum experience to the sports tourist.


"When visiting different places in the world I have always had difficulty finding outdoor activities that you can practice on the spot. I liked the idea of being able to live an unforgettable experience under the guidance of a professional in the area, a local, who fully knew the peculiarities of the area but who was at the same time reliable and competent. Unfortunately, most of the time I had to go to tourist agencies, search the web, ask people and so on. It was all so cumbersome and I didn't always find the right solution for my needs. I thought it was nice to find all the local guides in a single portal, where you can get in touch with them directly, explore the areas to discover the offers proposed in that area, completely dedicated to outdoor activities ... and thus Sportourist was born"

Vincenzo Poppiti

Founder and CEO, Archaeologist, GIS Analyst ... and a fervent sportourist!

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